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Meet the Omega

Hi! I'm Kai, the founder of A&O. I'm 20 years old and have been making suits since I was 13. I love animals and art. I'm always doing something, so there's never a quiet day around my office. I'm a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, and in early March, you'll sometimes see me sporting my suits at the local pride parade, along with a flag for a cape.

Outside of suit making, I am a full time college student studying Opthalmic Technology (I make glasses!) I dance as a hobby and sometimes make YouTube videos. I also enjoy cooking and playing with my pets. 


Meet the Alpha

This is Kato. He helps me around the office sometimes. Kato is more of a car guy honestly, but I do my best to teach him about suit making as he tries to teach me about cars.

Kato and I met in July of 2019 through the fandom. What started out simply as an art trade has led to something pretty amazing. 


  • Kato (Wolf)


Alpha & Omega Studios

Alpha & Omega Studios is a fursuit studio based out of Pheba and Scooba, Mississippi. Kai's side project has now grown to the point where he works with customers nationwide. 

Kai was an artist before he started making fursuits. He stumbled into the fandom entirely by accident in early 2012. Eventually, Kai looked into more than just art. That was the start of this journey: the creation of A&O. Kai spent much of his time learning about suits: the different styles, materials, and how to make them. By late 2012, Kai's first fursona, Gemini, was created. While there was never any character reference, as is the case with many of Kai's original characters, he relied on his imagination to create Gemini.

Gemini did not get used often and spent a majority of the time put away in a closet after Kai fell out of the fandom. Late 2015, he found his passion for suits again. Gemini was pulled out of the box, refurbished, and brought back to life as Gemini 2.0, an angel dragon.

These were the first A&O suits ever made, and the start of something big.









In early 2018, Kai quit his part-time job to start his own business. Initially, things were slow. A lot happened, the thought of closing down was thrown out more than once, but with a lot of help from friends, A&O was a success. 

There are no plans of closing anymore, even though Kai is now a full-time college student with plans to become an Optician. Things will be a bit slower, but A&O is Kai's pride and joy!

Kato joined the team recently after moving in with Kai back in August/September. While he isn't used to making fursuit parts yet, Kai is determined to teach him the ropes.

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