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Updated: May 27, 2020


I have a cat and while I keep her out of my materials room, she does come in the work area.

Queue and Payment Updates:

When you commission you will be given a link to the Trello page where you can monitor commission spot and payments. The queue is divided into sections: Trades, Not Started, Started, and Finished.


Trello Queue


Once you commission me you may join our telegram group to keep track of things. However I now highly encourage buyers to use their Facebook to join the groupchat there as it is more often updated. You do NOT have to be friends with me to be added.


Telegram Queue Chat


Age,ID, & Restrictions:

We DO NOT work with minors. NO EXCEPTIONS! We now require ID upon form submission.



Custom suits are required to have a clear 2 to 3 view reference of the character. Fur colors will be matched to references provided. If you have preferred fur choices or colors, it is your duty to inform us. If the quality of the fur you have chosen is in our opinion substandard, we are free to use a higher quality fur of similar or alike colors at our own discretion. Fur colors vary frequently so it is solely our authority to choose which colors best represent references provided. On occasion, a fur dye lot will be out of stock and may not be reproducible. By commissioning us, you relinquish the rights to us to make the final decision in what fur colors and types to use for your character.  We will do our best to work with you to get the exact colors and fur types you had in mind, but it is not guaranteed. Bare in mind that not all colors exist as a fur option.

Reference photos of real life animals are welcome for Artistic Liberty Suits ONLY

We will not replicate any other makers styles. NO we will NOT make a LAVAFOX. We will not copy your concept art perfectly. All designs will be translated into our style.

Also, certain features of concept art may not be possible to reproduce as drawn due to human proportion, human flaw, limitations of materials, and limitations of physics.

Significant alterations will be discussed with you before the costume is made.

Any failure to abide by the following rules may result in a fursuit that doesn't adequately match what you had in mind. 


Artistic Liberty Character Commission:

Artistic liberty characters are not required to have any form of Reference. Any reference material provided may be taken into consideration, but does not have to be used in the final outcome of the fursuit. With artistic liberty, we only allow the choice of species and gender. We will make the decisions when it comes to markings and designs, although we do allow suggestions as to which direction this character wants to be taken.


Surprise Commissions:

With this type of commission we are in charge of everything about the suit. All you do is tell us your budget, and we handle the rest. There are no suggestions for these types of suits and often they take a bit longer. These suits are a great way to get something completely unique to you. The final product will not be shared until after it is completed. We will send WIPs if desired though!


We DO accept trades from time to time. Quality must be at least of the same level for us to even consider trading. Some trades may require you to pay only material cost. If we have the materials on hand however, we may choose to do a trade with only shipping to be paid! We will trade for suits, electronics, and various other items we may want or need.

Quotes & Deadlines:

We require your height and weight to do a proper quote on a full suit, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Quotes will have to be repriced if you do not commission the day the form is sent in.

We DO NOT take deadlines of any sort. It is possible to ask about having the suit completed by a certain date, however, we are not obligated to meet this time span. WE DO NOT ACCEPT RUSH ORDERS AS OF DECEMBER 2019. 

Suits can take anywhere between a few months to over a year depending on what you ordered as well as your spot in the queue. We tend to work on trades and small part commissions alongside larger commissions, so they often get done quicker than larger commissions.

Duct Tape Dummy:

This is REQUIRED for digitigrade full suits. We will take on SIMPLE plantigrade suits with measurements however.

Specify your fitting preference before the suit is made if you want a certain type of fit.

We require that you provide a pair of shoes (flip flops, canvas shoes, or slippers only please) for anything that requires feet paws that are not sock paws.  All digitigrade full suit Commissions must send in a duct tape dummy, a pair of fitted leggings, and a pair of shoes. There are many tutorials online on how to build a DTD.

Here is a very good tutorial by Don’t Hug Cacti:


Please note that duct tape dummies must be built durably. The best way to achieve this is to layer it. We are not responsible for duct tape dummies falling apart. Should it fall apart during the construction process as a result of poor duct tape dummy construction, it is the commissioner’s responsibility to redo it and send another. 


!!!DTD's MUST be taped back together, NEATLY, and without overlapping the edges before being shipped to us! If a DTD arrives that has not been taped together or has been taped back together weakly (as in it will break apart once we stuff it) a $30 service fee will be charged due to the additional labor required. The best material for the base of a duct tape dummy would be a pair of painters coveralls  These can be found at any Home Depot or Lowes, even at most local hardware stores. DO NOT use coveralls with elastic in the ankles and wrists, as this will be hard to stuff and likely will not stick correctly. If the coveralls have elastic, simply cut the small bit of elastic off and continue to build it as the tutorial says.!!!


The DTD is REQUIRED to go down over your ankles at the least. The entire foot is preferred. When making your DTD, Keep your arms as straight as possible. Tape as close to your arm pit as possible. Not doing so will result in lower mobility of your arms. We WILL NOT be responsible for ill fitting suits due to poor DTD construction.



Once the DTD is finished, write your name and characters name on it so it does not get mistaken for someone else's and ship it to the address we give you.


Changes to Design:

We ask that you do not make any changes to the costume once materials have been ordered. Any changes made after the materials are ordered can cause the price of the suit and completion time to change. Please do not hesitate to ask about changes, as some minor changes will not affect the price or completion time. Changes that will affect price and completion times include, but are not limited to: added colors, added markings, special requests, and anything that requires new materials to be ordered.


If changes are made AFTER the suit making has begun, the suit will be made as the original design was or we will charge a fee!



We do share WIPs, they will be sent to whatever contact you choose on your quote form as well as the group chat. We send them whenever we have something new to show, such as a completed base, a new section of the suit sewn together, etc.

Bare in mind that not all fur and fabric colors exist, and colors that do may also be impacted by dye lot and quality. We will do our best to match our furs to what reference material you provide.

We reserve the right to post any work in progress photos on social media and websites. If you plan to debut your fursuit and wish to keep it a secret, please express this in the quote form. 


Refunds, Cancelations & Returns:

We DO NOT accept returns.

Due to recent events we no longer issue refunds. If you disconnect from the character then you will have to sell the suit once it's made. Because of the way we price things and the cost of materials, we are not able to offer refunds, sorry for the inconvenience but please be sure you actually want the suit before you commission, it is not our place to deal with your disconnection from the character.


Once materials are ordered you CANNOT cancel your suit. It will be finished and shipped as it normally would. If you choose to fight this, we WILL drop the commission with no refund.

If you choose to IGNORE our cancellation policy, you will be dropped and there will be no refund as cancellations are  FINAL


Commission issues:

I feel the need to add this due to a recent event: We are not responsible for you "forgetting" that you commissioned us or thinking we aren't going to do your commission because it takes a few months and then going to someone else for the same commission. Talk to us, we are here to help but we can't tell you anything if you don't ask us about it, we aren't mind readers! We have a queue for a reason, please use that info to your advantage...


We are also not responsible if you do not provide what we ask for or if you "ghost" us for weeks. An attempt to contact you and get measurements or resolve commission issues will be made 2 to 3 times before we kick you out of the queue. You also run the risk of getting blacklisted for this.

If we are unable to get in contact with you for measurements, you will be given no more than 6 months to get back to us. In this time will we make all possible attempts to contact you but if we are unable to get a response within 6 months of needing the information, your commission WILL be dropped. If we have asked more than 3 times for measurements and you still have not gotten them to us or are refusing we WILL drop you. There will be no refunds for dropped commissions.



All suits we make (except items used for sexual activity) have a 6 month warranty from the time it arrives in your possession.

The warranty includes, but is not limited to, small holes or ripped seams, incorrect sizes of parts such as head, bodies, hands and feet, and areas where adhesives fail. This warranty will NOT cover wear and tear, self-inflicted damage, and incorrect sizing of parts of which the commissioner is accountable for (for example, having size 8 shoes but requesting a suit with size 6 shoes, or giving improper body measurements and receiving a suit that;'s either too small or too baggy).

Any outside modifications (that have not already been given the okay by us) voids the warranty and any adjustments/repairs thereafter will require payment. You will receive confirmation and a schedule of when these fixes will be made. Please bear in mind there will be delays to fursuits outside of warranty. We reserve the right to void warranty at our discretion.

Under this warranty, the suit will be fixed for free HOWEVER you do still have to pay shipping both ways.


For international customers who cannot ship the suit back and forth, we will do our best to walk you through fixing minor damage if possible.


Payment Plans:

We require a 50% downpayment to get materials ordered. This is to avoid any price changes to your suit. (May 2020: This is extra important right now since many shops are shutting down due to COVID-19). Each payment must be AT LEAST $150 each time after the downpayment. Payments must be made MONTHLY but can be made more often if desired. All payments MUST be finished before the suit is started!

We expect consistent payments but we understand that emergencies do occur, and need to receive communication if you're having a problem with payments. The day a payment is due, you have a five day grace period to make said payment. If you fail to pay for it within those five days, an extra $30 late fee is applied. If you make a payment without the fee included, it will be refunded and your suit will be pushed back in the spots until you've made the payment. 


If you miss a payment three months in a row with no notification to us, your commission will be dropped with no refund. 



NOTE 2: We do not do half up front and half when finished payments. We have had too many people agree to this and then disappear or cancel their commissions. We do not want to be left with a suit we cannot use or sell.



Shipping is NOT included in the price for any suit work. This includes commissions, refurbishments or repairs.

We usually ship with USPS.

At this time, we DO ship internationally. However international shipping can be quite pricey so be aware of that.

Shipping within the United States usually costs anywhere between $15-$200. We can give estimates but you will only get the actual price once the suit is made.



Repairs, Refurbs, and Alterations:

Repairs and/or alterations outside of the warranty are at the cost of the commissioner including shipping and return shipping.

We may be able to give you an estimate on the cost of the repair, though it is subject to change. Once we have the suit inspected we will be able to give you an exact cost of the repairs as well as the completion time.

We will not return a fursuit until it is fully paid for.


If you're sending in your fursuit to us to get alterations or repairs we require that the suit MUST be clean before you send it in. We refuse to work on a dirty bodysuit for cleanliness reasons. If you send us a bodysuit that is dirty, a fee for cleaning will be applied. Cleaning a fursuit takes a lot of time so please do it beforehand.


We now do refurbishments! We typically only do refurbs on heads. We will do them on any heads, even if we have not made them, but please ensure this is okay with the original maker! 


Refurbishments are worked on outside of the regular queue and therefore may take more time than a regular suit.

WARNING! The price of refurbs is subject to change once I have started work on it if I find that more materials would be needed to finish it. Please keep this in mind and plan accordingly.

You are responsible for shipping BOTH WAYS!

**Added 04/07/20: If there are hazardous objects in the suit and you do NOT inform us of them, we will charge a hazard fee of no less than $200**


Delays will occur from time to time. We post any delays on our social media and Telegram, so if there are any questions please look there. We will do our best to meet any self imposed deadlines, but are not required to make them.


Additional information:

It is the responsibility of the commissioner to pay close attention to progress shots to ensure you get what you want. If you need something changed, it is required that you mention such.  If it could have been changed at an earlier stage shown in the progress pictures sent to you and you did not mention your disliking of any aspect and voice it later when the head is further along and harder to fix, this will take more time and labor. This will result in additional fees.

We reserve the right to drop your commission if you are being extremely pushy, inappropriate, or rude. If materials have already been purchased there will be NO REFUND.

Additionally, if you do not like a certain aspect of your suit, do not tell us “it looks great, I love it” or any variation that could lead us to believe otherwise. We welcome respectful criticism and realize fursuits are large investments and you should get exactly what you pay for. Please let us know if you do not like something we are doing. We try to be very accommodating and will not “dislike you for being picky”. You deserve to be picky! 



Anything agreed upon by both parties in writing, whether email, FA notes, instant messenger chat, is a binding contract. By placing a downpayment for a suit from A&O you accept to work with us and agree to these terms and conditions. Please keep a record of any transactions, conversations, or emails we conduct. By submitting a commission form, you agree to all of the terms of service. 


The Verification Code Required By the form to ensure that you read this is 5721. By entering the code when submitting a quote form, you agree that you have read ALL sections of this form and agree to everything stated.


All products made by Alpha & Omega Studios are Copyright Alpha & Omega Studios. You may not re-create works intended for resale, commercial use, or distribution; distribute parts or copies of parts, or take credit for the creation of the item or any part of the item without exclusive written permission.


Places Of Contact:

Facebook: Alpha & Omega Studios, Kai Murray

Instagram: @alphaandomegastudios or @kaiverpuppy

Telegram: @taetheyote or

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