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​This is basically a short version of our TOS, but make sure you read the TOS as well!

  • Customers are REQUIRED to read the TOS before commissioning. This is essentially the TOS in short, with a little extra info. You'll have to read the full TOS in order to commission and get the verification code.

  • ALLERGEN WARNING - Our suits are made in an environment that has dogs and cats and occasionally we snack on things in the shop. PLEASE let us know if you have any allegries beforehand!​​

  • We will not build a suit of a character that does not belong to you, please do not ask us to copy someone else’s design.

  • Make sure you are confident with the design you send in. Please minimize any last minute changes as they may or may not be possible after materials are ordered and building has begun. If a change is possible, it may also require extra money to cover the cost of material or excess time spent on said change.

  • ​When accepted for a commission slot and your commission is about to be started, you will be asked for various measurements depending on the type of commission you have. Please make sure these are as accurate as possible.

  • ​You may send in your own pair of (VERY CLEAN/NEW) slippers or sandals to have your fursuit feet built on.

  • When you receive your fursuit, if in certain cases your fursuit doesn’t fit I will do my best to fix it and make adjustments as stated under my warranty. This does not apply to sizing issues related to inaccurate measurements taken by the customer or a poorly built DTD.

  • We accept PayPal, Walmart-to-Walmart Payments, and Facebook Pay ONLY

  • We highly suggest you are financially stable and ready to be able to pay your suit over the allotted time as no exceptions will be made.

  • Shipping is not included in your quote. Based on your location we can give you an approximate amount but we will not know the exact amount until your suit is finished.

  • Alpha & Omega Studios reserves the right to choose shipping methods and customers should expect to pay a fee for shipping insurance.​

  • A tracking number will be provided if applicable

  • Alpha & Omega Studios is not liable for damage/lost packages occurring during shipping

  • You may message us at any time with any questions or concerns  and we will usually get back to you within a day

  • We love sending Work in Progress photos and videos (aka WIPs), they are a great way to give feedback on your character’s design; however, we will send WIPs only when we feel comfortable with the current look/stage. Please do not constantly hound us for updates or try to rush as this will only put stress on us and impact the quality of your suit

  • Alpha & Omega Studios is in no form accepting deadlines

  • We aspire to work hard to get your fursuit to you as soon as we can but we cannot not always anticipate or control setbacks such as the building process itself, acquisition of materials, personal life emergencies, etc

  • We can offer an approximate finish time but we will not rush to meet it as it might affect the quality and appearance of our work

  • Remember, we are currently a one-maker business, please have some patience as Kaiser is only a person, not a machine. 

  • ​​Shipping is required by the customer for all packages sent to A&O.

  • After the warranty expires, repairs both big and small will require a fee and may be declined depending on current schedule.

  • Repairs can’t always be guaranteed to be finished ASAP.

  • Warranty is voided if notable changes or repairs are made to the fursuit or parts without first notifying us.

  • PLEASE NOTE: ​Wearing fursuits can be dangerous if proper precautions aren’t taken.  All mascot costumes get hot and have limited vision, please make sure to take breaks, stay hydrated, and watch where you’re going! Having someone not wearing a fursuit to accompany and be your handler is HIGHLY recommended to help keep you safe.

  • Alpha & Omega Studios is not responsible for any accidents that occur while wearing your fursuit.

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