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Commission Info

Commissioner/Suit Owner: Esmee Kneepkens

Character's Name: Dusty

Species of Character: Norwegian Forest Cat

Item Being Reviewed: Head

Style: Toony

Was this pre-made?: No


Head Rating (1-5 Paws): 4

Wear Satisfaction

It is a comfy head, but there are some hairs sticking out of the
eyes/mouth that poke in my eyes or mouth the head is super cute a little
loose but not badly loose so wearable the neck could be a little longer I
do have to turn my head a bit to see but doesn't make it uncomfy
ventilation is great! The blind spot is in the middle and is medium so not too large overall a very cute and amazing head!

Appearance Satisfaction

The markings and scars of my character are so well done! I am more then satisfied with the looks of my suit she looks exactly like the character eyes are a little (but very little) unsymmetrical but can barely see. Fur is able to be brushed very easy and doesn't loose much fur so great quality the eyes are really follow me and I am so happy with that. I am extremely happy with how this head looks!

Special Attachments and Features

Cuts in ears and scar are super nicely done like it is amazing! I cant see any seams and it looks so badass!

Overall Satisfaction

Overall Rating (1-5 Paws): 5

How was your concept art realized?

It was just great! It cant be better.

Initial Contact

Very easy very, fast reactions.

Maker Response Time

I got very fast reactions from the maker and I am very satisfied.

Maker Professionalism

One thing I want to tell about this maker is the costumer service is great, even more then great. This is such a friendly and understanding maker and they will do everything to make their customer happy!

Project Completion Time

The head was done pretty fast I am happy about it there was only a problem with the shipping but wasn't makers fault. (Maker's Note: The description was missing on the box and when they got ready to ship it (since it was international shipping) USPS decided to absolutely destroy the box to find out what was inside before sending it back to me. We did get it sorted out as quickly as possible without a second incident luckily!)

Overall Project Quality

Overall I am extremely satisfied and happy and I would really want to commission this maker again!

Final Info

Scoring: Recommended

Final Comments

I would definitely work with this maker again and I 100% recommend them

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